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Kevin Koch

Kevin Koch is the product development manager for C.H.  Robinson’s U.S. Customs brokerage and trade services division. For the last  ten years, he has served C.H. Robinson in numerous roles, from account  management, business technology  and process leadership, and ultimately  to customs and trade compliance – where he found a strong sense of  pride in the critical role that Customs brokers play today in international  trade.

He is a licensed U.S. Customs  broker that is passionate about  analyzing the macro trade trends and  applying his knowledge and experience to support shippers and  colleagues in designing and implementing solutions to strengthen  trade compliance programs while  maintaining keen focus on streamlining process and reducing  spend. He holds a bachelor’s degree  from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and is eager to finish his  MBA in global business from the Lake  Forest Graduate School of Management in 2021. 

PHONE: (773) 858-2885 



Product Development Manager, C.H. Robinson 
Current Non-Voting Director, CCBFA 


I sincerely appreciate your consideration as candidate for voting  director to the Chicago Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association  (CCBFA). This is an incredibly valuable organization that has built a strong sense of community and pride for the work we do at the port of  Chicago. From government affairs representation to educational and  networking events; I have personally gained a lot from the CCBFA over  the years, as I reflect on the various educational scholarship and  sponsorship programs to represent the CCBFA at events such as the  government affairs conference in Washington, D.C. While it’s been a  challenging year, I appreciate the short time I’ve had thus far as non voting director to begun to better understand how everything comes  together to drive value in so many ways for our members. At the heart  of it, I realized that it is through the work of some very talented,  passionate, and selfless individuals that a team comes together and  makes it happen. 

Paying it forward – with your support, I hope to continue playing a  deeper role with this team as voting director and find ways to help  others in our community see the bigger picture, develop lifelong skills, and build relationships that help accelerate career success for our  members. 


  • Budget Management to ensure we’re capable of supporting Networking  Events, Sponsorship, and Scholarship Programs for years to come 
  • Organizational Skills to continue the success of our educational seminars