Martin Zima

Mr. Zima is the Qualifying Corporate Licensed Customs Broker and currently serves as the Vice President of Customs and as KWE’s Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Security Officer.

Serving the Customs Brokerage and Logistics industry for more than 39 years; Mr. Zima became a licensed broker in February of 1988; Mr. Zima joined Kintetsu in October of 1991 where he is currently employed.

In 1996 Mr. Zima worked to form KWE’s Corporate Trade and Compliance Group and in 1999 Mr. Zima was promoted to the position of Staff Manager of the CTCG during which time he worked to develop KWE’s Import and Brokerage Standard Operating Procedures as well as developing internal and external audit guidelines and compliance related services. In 2004 Mr. Zima was then promoted to Director, Corporate Trade & Compliance Group.

Mr. Zima assumed his current position as Vice President Customs in 2006 and has direct oversight and responsibility over all Customs transactions filed by KWE and works to ensure both internal and external regulatory compliance on behalf of our clients.

As KWE’s C-TPAT security officer, Mr. Zima is responsible for maintaining KWE’s global C-TPAT counter terrorism supply chain security program which includes supply chain security threat awareness and training at KWE’s facilities around the world.

For near 30 plus years, Mr. Zima has served in various positions on the Chicago Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association (CCBFA) as a non-voting and voting director, duty drawback committee chair, membership committee chair, and treasurer; as well as working on various committees such as the Customs committee, website committee, By-Laws committee, special events committee.