Walter Chyterbok

I welcome the opportunity to be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of CCBFA. I have been in the international logistic field for 40 years. My career has been split between the International Logistics industry and Manufacturing entities. The first part of my career was spent with International Carriers and Customs Brokers/Forwarders. The other half was in the chemical manufacturing business as a logistic director and managing the International regulatory department. There is no way one can travel the long road of logistics without people helping and assisting me . I am thankful for all those people who have assisted me. I also had another career but not in the logistic field. I am a retired combat US Army veteran with 30 years in both Active duty and Reserve status. I was proud to serve my country and value my experience in the military field. While the military and logistics field are quite different, I saw many similarities.

Currently I am the Trade Compliance Manager for DLSWW Forwarding services. I received my Customs license in 2007 and proudly hang the license in my office.

I am member of CCBFA and the NCBFAA as well other organizations that are longer around. There was a great comaradie among the international logistics group and I have many cherished memories of our times together. Thank you for considering me for the Board of Directors role. It has been a rewarding and interesting career and I look forward to a few more years.