Yvette Sosa

Yvette Sosa was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has been married for twenty years and is a mother of four children. She is very family-oriented, always making her family a priority, next to her  career, as well as planning family activities from vacations to weekend fun. During the winter months, she volunteers her time and efforts by providing meals and clothing to the homeless in different areas of  Chicago. In her free time Yvette enjoys entering her show car, a customized import low-rider, into car  show events. In this past year’s World of Wheels car show Yvette placed second, with great  determination to take first place next year. 

Yvette and her husband are members of Mooseheart. Mooseheart is a valuable organization  geared towards helping foster children. Through her local Moose Lodge, she attends events that raises  money for the foster kids that is used for their education, school supplies and their housing. This past  summer Yvette and her husband hosted their first car show event at their local Moose Lodge and  through their event, they raised $700 for the Mooseheart organization. 

Yvette has been in the logistics industry for seventeen years. She started from the bottom as an  Ocean Import Clerk at Port to Port Inc. She then worked her way up to becoming an Ocean Import  Analyst at Livingston International, where she was employed for eight years. For the past seven and a  half years Yvette has called JAS Forwarding her home. She started as a CHB Entry Specialist in 2012 and  continued to work towards becoming the CHB Supervisor. During her time as a Supervisor, Yvette  studied day in and day out for the US Customs Brokers Exam that took place in October of 2017. She was  one of the many exam takers who took the very first ever electronic exam at the Port of Chicago. In  March of 2019, soon after achieving her brokerage license, Yvette was promoted to CHB Manager where  she is currently managing a team of five individuals.  

Yvette has slowly climbed up the ladder to where she is today surrounded by many mentors  who have helped her along the way. She strives every day to be a better, more rounded individual than  the day before by always wanting to learn new things in this ever-changing industry.

Yvette is knowledgable in many aspects in the brokerage industry with a specialty for handling  Post Summary Corrections and Protests. She prides herself on customer service and her willingness to  go the extra mile. She would love to gain more knowledge in matters pertaining to the industry by  becoming a member of the board in hopes to eventually become an expert in more areas. She enjoys  volunteering in her community and would like to become part of the CCBFA to also volunteer in  additional events and grow her network within the industry.